Computer Service Profits was founded in 2009 by Bob Britton and Mark Colosi, with one goal in mind:

To insure the IT Business Professional makes the Profit that they deserve.

After years of struggling in his own businesses, Bob learned the keys to running a successful and highly profitable small business.

Being a lifelong fan of computers, and constantly around IT professionals, he noticed many were working long hours and for very little money.

Some of them were spending a lot of time and money working toward achieving more certifications and training, had amazing technical skills, but still never really making the kind of money a small business owner should.

He decided to do something about it.

Bob met his business partner Mark, who is widely known as one of the countries top direct marketing experts and had already been extremely successful in multiple businesses. Together they went to work creating a fool proof system developed specifically for the small to medium IT business. Into their system, Bob and Mark put their combined 30 years of business and marketing knowledge.

The very best strategies and ideas that have made countless thousands of other business owners rich, have been molded and transformed to fit the IT business.

Bob and Mark now spend their time helping IT business owners across the country make the kind of money they dreamed possible when they first started their companies.

Coaching them to new levels, and inspiring them to once again dream the dreams of possibility and remove the doubt, fear and anxiety that is so common among small business owners.

In late 2011, Mark left Computer Service Profits to pursue his dreams and goals in a different way. We wish him well. Bob Britton is now continuing his dream of helping small IT business owners rapidly grow their customer base, and their profits.

With an all new approach to delivering his top quality content, and a completely redone system, including new internet strategies, Computer Service Profits is better than ever.

To higher profits, and achievement!

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